Sunday, 28 April 2013


There's a new sound about on AudioJungle. My latest monster, Animus has just been unleashed to the public. It's a killah! As described on AudioJungle:
This is a tense but melodic Dubstep track. Driven by old skool beats and an antisocial wobble bass, a ghostly piano blows through it like a forgotten wind from the distant past. A solitary beep is reminiscent of a life-support system, informing the listener about the state of their vital functions. This is a big track, and would suit any content that wishes to express a need followed by relief, or the transformation of tension into resolution.
It's available to use in your own evil creations for a paltry $17 license fee.

Little Bit

My latest tune is up now on AudioJungle. Little Bit is a light and tender offering, compared to most of my previous uploads. From the description on AudioJungle:
This track conjures up a nostalgic feeling, like finding a long-lost favourite toy from your childhood, or an aroma that takes you straight back to somewhere nice you can’t quite remember. From this peaceful place, it unexpectedly pulls you right back to the present with a climactic melodic reverie, then gently carries you back, to a place you sense is… ‘home’.
It can be licensed for your own media for a very reasonable $17.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


My latest track, Touch, has just been approved at AudioJungle. It's quite a silly, happy dance track bolstered by the flabbiest, gusting bassline ever. From the description on AudioJungle:
This is an upbeat and positive dance track, full of hooky synths, spacy beeps, melodic glitches, deep bass and the most ridiculous flatulent bassline heard this side of the Heinz beans factory! Youthful, happy and carefree, this track would be the perfect combination alongside all types of enthusiastic and energetic content - anything with a ‘get up and go’ feel.
As usual, you can license this track to use in your own projects for a paltry $14!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

This Means War

My latest declaration of hostilities has arrived at AudioJungle. It's a cracking dubstep track called This Means War. The description speaks for itself:
Tooled-up and ready for the battlefield, this Dubstep track enlists you with seductive military manoeuvres, then throws you, battle-ready, into total war. After a brief but brutal skirmish, it retreats only after extreme violence has been wreaked and the enemy are begging for mercy! This music would sit very well with any high-energy, fast-paced content, it increases adrenaline and prepares the listener for affirmative action.
You can license it for your own military operations, coups, game music, whatever, for a mere $14, direct from AudioJungle

Sunday, 24 March 2013


My latest track for AudioJungle was approved last week. It's a head-nodding, body-rocking electronic rock monster called Machine. The description reads like this:
This is a lively, fast-paced electronic rock tune, held together by a rhythm guitar riff and the most obese drums. Intersperced with a trance-inducing string riff, the track motors along until a manically funky wah-wah guitar solo unleashes itself on the listener. This music would perfectly suit ‘action-filled’, sport, or any high-octane media.
As ever, it's easy to license this, and use it with your own media, website, whatever. Just $14 from AudioJungle

Friday, 1 March 2013


My latest piece, Burning, has been approved for sale at AudioJungle. Different to previous Slengtone uploads, this is a deeply experimental music collage, an evocative journey of sound. As it says on the AudioJungle page:
This is an emotional and evocative musical collage. It conjures up feelings of deep nostalgia, like opening a long-forgotten box of dusty artefacts and faded snapshots from the past, or listening to a crackly old vinyl record from your youth. It would especially suit documentary-type media wishing to convey hindsight or regret.
You can license it to use in your own media for a paltry $11!

Friday, 15 February 2013

Free Run

There's a new Slengtone track up on AudioJungle. This song, Free Run, is a fast-paced energetic competitor, ferocious but friendly. The blurb describes it perfectly:
This is an energetic, youthful piece of music. Bursting with positive tension, it explodes into a high-speed, action-filled groove, perfect for fast-moving affirmative content, such as extreme sports, fast driving or any media wanting to communicate a high level of excitement.
You can use it in your project for $14

Monday, 4 February 2013

The Killers DNA

I've just uploaded my newest tune for AudioJungle. The Killer's DNA is a dark, twisted Dubstep groove. Short and powerful, like a hidden serial killer, it's ready to be incarcerated into any murderous media. As the description says:
This track is like a short, sharp shock. It’s a tense, wobble bass dubstep thriller. Starting with a bone-deep tension, it speedily resolves into an adrenaline-pumped twisted groove. It could be used for any high-speed, scary action-filled content, such as extreme sport or fast car sequences.
It can be licenced for your project for a tiny $8.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Deep Urban Tribe

As of today, there's another Slengtone tune up on AudioJungle. This is Deep Urban Tribe, a percussion-driven piece with a dark, urban atmosphere. The description on AudioJungle:
This is a dark and emotional piece of music, comprising of a driving rhythm (made by drums, bells, field recordings of a river and distorted breathing sounds), enhanced by an overdriven wah-wah guitar pattern and unusual textures. Whilst particularly suited to any media with a ‘serious’ or ‘threatening’ nature, this music would also empower any message aimed at the tech-savvy, urban individual with an awareness of the essential interplay between the world’s contemporary cultures and cutting-edge technology.
As it's a short piece, the license can be purchased for only $11 at AudioJungle.

Monday, 14 January 2013


My plan is to release a new piece of music on AudioJungle about every week, for the coming few months. This tune, Daybreak, is the second of my current series. It's a sweet little piece: lightweight but full of texture, like a just-ripened peach. ;-) From the description on AudioJungle:
This is a pretty piece of music delivering a good, lighthearted mood. The soundscape is occasionally augmented by incidental sounds or granular textures, giving a feeling of realism or authenticity alongside a sense of ‘otherworldliness’. This music would suit any media with a low-key but positive and enthusiastic message.
As always, you can purchase a license to use this music in any way you see fit for a lowly $14!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Be Nice

My first AudioJungle upload for a year has just been accepted, I'm glad to say. After working on other projects, it's good to be able to get back to this.
The song is called Be Nice, and it's the result of playing around with some old 1980s music gear that I've got, including an Oberheim DMX drum machine, a Casio VZ-10M synthesizer and, of course, my old Casio CZ-101.
The description of the track on AudioJungle says it all:
An enthusiastic and uplifting dance track, inspired by and partly created with a variety of authentic 80s electronic music gear. The music is a bit cheeky, and downright naughty at moments, but it reveals within itself a strong will and passion as it powers through to the end. While it is fun and friendly, it is also a tough, stomping track that will lend itself to many multimedia or web-based uses.
You can use this music in your own media for a mere $14! Check it out here!